Gallaudet's Student-Athletes Advisory Committee

The Gallaudet University Student-Athlete Advisory Committee is made up of student-athletes from all 14 varsity programs supported by the University. The GU SAAC has several officers that lead the committee that is advised by women's soccer coach Liza Offreda. The committee meets twice a month to discuss issues that effect student-athletes at Gallaudet. The GU SAAC communicates to the athletics administration on behalf of all Bison student-athletes. The GU SAAC also organizes and runs several community service initiatives throughout the school year.

Gallaudet SAAC 2017-18 Group Photo  

2018-19 Gallaudet's SAAC Officers

Name     Position     Class     Sport
Sabina Shysh     President     So.     Women's Basketball, Soccer, Softball, Track and Field
Matthew Cracraft     Vice-President     Sr.     Football
Fatuma Ali     Treasurer     Jr.     Women's Cross Country, Track and Field
Kelli Barnes     Secretary     Sr.     Women's Basketball
Liza Offreda     Advisor           Women's Soccer

Jaylen Chaney (Baseball)
Emelia Beldon (Women's Basketball)
Devonte Ramsey (Men's Basketball)
Sierra Pratt (Women's Cross Country/Track and Field)
Dalton Attanassi (Men's Cross Country/Track and Field)
Dawson Moder (Football)
Jenny Mendis (Softball)
Sharon Castillo (Women's Soccer)
Samer Abualya (Men's Soccer)
Ben Sealts (Men's Swimming and Diving)
Jana Kiefer (Women's Swimming and Diving)
Mia Upchurch (Women's Volleyball)

Darren Drolsbaugh (Baseball)
Hannah Neild (Women's Basketball)
John Werner (Men's Basketball)
Hannah Wetzel (Women's Cross Country/Track and Field)
Kai Christenberry (Men's Cross Country/Track and Field)
Mauricio Orozco (Football)
Kendall Hudson (Softball)
Sara Kulisan (Women's Soccer)
Luis Montalvo (Men's Soccer)
Rett Jala (Men's Swimming and Diving)
Breanna Power (Women's Swimming and Diving)
Elina Rubinshteyn (Women's Volleyball)

2015-16 Minutes

2014-15 Minutes

The SAAC will meet every two weeks during the academic year as notified in the Field House conference room. If the team’s representative misses a meeting without proper notification, your team will be fined $50 and $25 if late. Each student-athlete representative will serve two-year terms and must have a 2.0 GPA or higher to be in good standing.

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